Our Therapists

Paige Wiancko, RMT

I started Heart In Hands Massage Therapy in 2014 after working at various different clinics, and needing a slower pace of life. I passionately love my career, and want to devote my life’s work to helping people that need hands on therapy.

I am able to tune into the body with high competency, and have found that a slow methodical approach has seen the best results. I really believe that the mind and body have to work together to achieve true and long lasting change in tissue. Most of my time is spent with my eyes closed when i am engaging in a particular tissue and will often meditate while i am tuning in. Depending on how ‘held’ your tissue is – it could take 1 treatment, or multiple treatments to restore the problem back to health.

I’ve found that my passion lays within slow meditative healing in a quiet environment.  Once truly invested in a clients presentation, it is hard for me to use time as a restriction of treatment. I want to be able to spend as much time as it takes to make a real change in the tissue. Often i will ask a client if they have a few minutes to spare beyond the marked hour, so that i can make sure that the change is lasting. My pressure can be defined as ‘gentle but firm’.

The main modality that i use is Myofascial Release. This type of massage technique  can be used in many many ways to treat the body’s tissues. I use it to mobilize the integrated fascia and connective tissues that surround your muscles, nerves, viscera, dura, periostium, ligaments & tendons. I will even use this technique in an active form, asking my client to engage a particular muscle group to aid in a deeper release.  It is extremely effective and along with swedish techniques,  joint mobilizations, motility listening, and trigger point release, i hope to restore your musculoskeletal system back to functional & pain free.

So because time is often the denominator of limitation, for the duration of the treatment, I work on the areas of the body that need manual manipulation and then if necessary, will ask the client to complete sets of either stretching or strengthening routines to accompany.

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